This incredible primer encompasses the first five teaching hours of the Bornoff approach and offers a first step for string teachers new to Bornoff. It is a compact work specifically designed for the full string orchestra.

Native American philosophy defines the learning process as a spiral-like process rather than a ladder: the individual learns core lessons and proceeds to thread back through these lessons again and again, each time achieving a higher level of mastery. Though doubtful Bornoff was familiar with Native American philosophy in the 1940s, he understood this principle and applied it to his work. He called it Creative Review. The First Five Hours will introduce you and your students to a comprehensive journey around the first circle of the spiral. 

Debbie Lyle is available for Skype sessions, teacher training and in-school residencies.

The Bornoff method has been used and refined for almost seventy years. Now, thanks to the work of Debbie Lyle, Bornoff’s monumental contributions to string pedagogy have been updated and organized such that material previously unobtainable without years of training will be available to you in just minutes!

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The package will include a teacher’s manual and student books for violin, viola, cello, and bass. 


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