The FASE Grant Program is currently on hold. Please check back for updates after January 1, 2018.

Grant Application

Grants are available for program development, teacher training, individual student support, one time projects such as guest artists, research projects, or capital expenditures, camps, workshops, or festival development, professional development for educators, college study, private lessons or tuition, as well as school presentations or residencies.
  • Copy and paste appropriate section to another sheet for submission. Submit all materials: By email to or by mail to: FASE, INC. 475 Valley Street Scottsville, VA 24590
  • 1. Provide a current resume and a letter of recommendation from an instructor or colleague. 2. Include a brochure or website for review for conference or workshop attendance. 3. Provide a brief summary of your professional development plan with specifics regarding how this study will benefit your teaching and learning 4. You may submit additional materials that will help us evaluate your application 5. Provide the TOTAL cost of professional development activity (itemize all that apply such as travel and boarding expenses) $_______________ Total requested grant funds $_______________
  • 1. Provide Title, Date, and Location of Project 2. Description of project (camp, workshop, festival, guest artist, etc.) Include objectives and benefits of program and estimated number of people involved and served. 3. If there are any other individuals or organizations that will be involved in the project as planners, partners, or collaborators, please list them. 4. How are you planning to promote the project to the community and target audience? 5. Project Budget a. Projected expenses/income: 1.) Salaries/Stipends 2.) Space/Equipment rental 3.) Marketing 4.) Capital Expenditures 5.) Other expenses (please list) Total Projected Expenses 6.) Income (tuition, other grants) Grant request from FASE_________________ Authorized Signature: The signature below is that of the person authorized to testify as to the accuracy of this application. ______________________________________________________ Date _____________________ (Print Name) ______________________________________________________ Title _____________________ (Sign Name)
  • (A capital expenditure is defined as an item (or group of items) with a life expectancy of more than three years. Examples include equipment such as instruments, cases, music, and music stands, etc.) 1. Item of list of items to be purchased. 2. Why is this purchase necessary? 3. What longer term benefit will the item(s) provide? 4. Who will have access to the item(s)? Total itemized amount of requested grant funds $_______________
  • 1. Describe the program for which funds are requested (i.e., camp tuition, private lessons) 2. Describe the review process for scholarship recipients. 3. How will scholarship recipients demonstrate appropriate use of scholarship funds? Grant request from FASE $_______________________